RUDOLF STINGEL at Palazzo Grassi

RUDOLF STINGEL at Palazzo Grassi

Project details



Photo shoot performed on the occasion of the exposition of Rudolf Stingel which conceived this exhibition especially for Palazzo Grassi. Given the utmost freedom of execution, Stingel has completely transformed the museum, filling the entire space with an oriental carpet. Moving beyond the idea of two-dimensionality that is conventionally associated with painting, the exhibition aims to subvert the usual spatial relationship between a painting and viewer.



Dettagli progetto



Servizio fotografico eseguito in occasione della mostra “Rudolf Stingel” concepita dall’artista espressamente per Palazzo Grassi. Con la massima libertà di esecuzione, Rudolf Stingel trasforma il museo nella sua totalità, con una moquette a disegno orientale che invade tutto lo spazio architettonico.

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